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Modular floor have low maintenance costs and can withstand temperatures between 10 ° C and 60 ° C, they are very comfortable, practical and easy to clean.

The modular floor can be used in different situations, either school or company, such as in competition.

Each module can be easily replaced.

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Modular floor are made of plates in polypropylene with UV resistant and possess excellent antistatic properties and can be used inside and outside.

Deck has a modular system and the top-slip grid that allows a great security in the presence of dust and wet environments. Type of male-female fitting is easy to assemble and disassemble. Both inner and outer floor can be used to practice all sports and laser areas. They are made up of modular panels (interior - 25x25x1,2cm and exterior- 50x50x1,2 cm).

Tanto o pavimento de interior como o de exterior podem ser utilizados para a prática de todos os desportos e em áreas de laser. São constituído por placas modulares (interior - 25x25x1,2cm e exterior - 50x50x1,2 cm).

The outside deck has the open top / flat and grid-like texture providing a floor always ready to practice all sports.

The interior floor is made up of plates with the top closed suitable for all sports practiced in enclosed spaces. Among the polypropylene existing floor plate and a rubber 4 mm thick can be applied to increase the comfort of users, in order to reduce the impact.


 Cleaning:


Manual or mechanical with neutral detergent.
Never spray with corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid in the pavement to avoid corrosion.