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Security Synthetic flooring is ideal for cushioning falls this consists of recycled rubber pieces, so as to cushion falls according to standards EN1177, this rule concerning the required safety in playgrounds.

Rubber floor also allows the practice of various sports exercises in a comfortable and safe manner..

It is recommended that the Security Floor is applied depending on the equipment falls, ie the higher the structure of the equipment, the greater should be the thickness of the floor.

Consider the environment by installing in its place a rubber floor that is made of 100% recycled rubber thus making an ecological and environmentally friendly flooring that does not harm human and animal health..


Cleaning and application:

 The damper floor cleaning is performed by::

- Running water and conventional cleaning products..

- Do not use corrosive (ammonia, hydrochloric acid, etc ...) or solvent.


 Click for application of synthetic damper floor:

- The placing of the synthetic flooring damper SBR can be made on a concrete surface with 6 cm (approx.) Thick and a layer of gravel (2) 10 cm (approx.) Thick. For draining of water it is advisable to smooth gradient of 1% in order to remove water.