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Tatami in puzzle EVA is a sports flooring consisting of pieces EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) high density, we have a wide variety of colors and thicknesses (12, 25, 40 mm), this is the best option for school and gym according to the rules:

EN71 (2005) + A6 Part 1 Physical and Mechanical;

BS EN71 (2006) A1 Part 2 Flammability

BS EN71 (1995) + A1 + AC1 Part 3 toxicity


Synthetic flooring - Tatami is installed fitting into the pieces with each other without the need of any kind of glue, these are reversible and thus can make the color combination according to his desire. It's quick and easy to install without the need to stick to the ground.


Tatami TROCELLEN is a professional floor to combat sport made by density mono-layer combinations (through precise cutting CNC).

Each rug has printed TROCELLEN references. flexible floor mat but with stability and this is slip resistant and durable. It has certified EN1177 and EFL (fire resistant).

Tatami TROCELLEN is easy to clean and does not absorb stains. It is hypo allergic. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Easy to carry and install.

Approved according to the international federations: WKF, WAKO, IJF..